Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paddington Markets: Sydney, Australia

I was in Sydney this past weekend, marking the half-way point of my road trip down the east coast of Australia.  

During my time in Sydney I had the pleasure of going to the Paddington markets.  Filled with up and coming jewelers, bag makers and designers, these markets were a great way to spend a saturday afternoon.  During my time browsing around, I stumbled across a small jewelry stand by the name of SixD.

The owner/designer of the jewelry line, Daisy Daet, has a clear passion for her trade and her line. Her designs and pieces were gorgeous as well as hand made!  She took the time to explain to me the stories behind each design of every piece that I bought. They are great for everyday or can be dressed up as well.  

I absolutely love my new pieces and have worn them everyday since!  Cant wait to show them off in some future OOTDs!

Magic Circle Necklace

The Magic Circles are representative of Native American Spirituality, signifying the sacred circle of life, the pathway to peace and harmony, the gathering of surrounding energy, its basic 4 directions and the elements. It symbolises the individual journey each must take to find our own path, that ultimately connects to the infinite.
(Description found on Sixdthelabel.com)

Elements Ring:
Inspired by the four elements of antiquity earth, water, air and fire.  The Elements Ring symbolises the infinite power binding the elemental forces of the earth.  The mysticism behind the elements comes from the oneness of all beings, the sanctum cosmic harmony with all tribes and therefore, of all life.
(Description found on Sixdthelabel.com)


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