Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gucci Diamond Chronoscope

When thinking of a quality watch that has a long credited history of producing a high standard of Swiss design, you don’t think Gucci.  And the 17 c Gucci Diamond Chronoscope wouldn’t fall far from that suggestion.

The features only holding any credit is its stainless steel casing, quartz movement with chronoscope function, two chronograph sub dials including sub seconds and three easy to work crowns. These are all pretty standard leaving it with no much merit.  

What it has got, that others do not. Gucci flare.
Or….. that obnoxious feature, that still is guaranteed to make a couple of eye glances.

This ‘flare’ comes in the watches Diamond G shaped bezel.  The one featured is a 17 ctw piece holding 54 round cut diamonds. To its credit it does hold some class that is introduced in the ‘off white’ face plate and gold bezel. The mix of neutral colours does soften the G piece somewhat. Held together with the stainless steel casing that does offer a slight connectivity to its features.  

The style that is common with Gucci has held true in this design. For the young alpha male looking to turn heads with its mainstream name. Whatever the event this can be worn well with an intent to attract attention.The right recognition for a brand name, that sits a little below the US$ 3,500.00 price tag.



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