Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Character Recognition

Breitling Navitimer Automatic Chronograph stainless is a luxury swiss, in a class of its own. The high end concept deisgns of Brietling, ticks with precision engineering at a height of wings. Encompassing elegance in design is what the brand has become known for throughout its 130 year history.

Instruments included in this piece are tachometer, Bi-directional Rotation Bezel, date display, scale , side rule, 24-hour world time and luminous hands. What you could expect from the leading German watch manufacture.
Holding strong to its reason for design the instruments and reputation place it within the retail cost of US $9,000.00.

Looks and appeal of this piece hold a sense of distinction and class. Expected from a watch that has been rarely changed in design, since its introduction into to cockpit in the 1940’s. It’s tanned toned bezel, makes the contrasting and smooth transition from the noble black face back to strongly wrap polished stainless steel band.

A watch for an occasion of recognition and suggestive of a defining character. An important meeting tool, the Bietling Navitimer will do the negotiating for you. 

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