Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zara Leather Shorts + Blazer

Photos by Adam Lambert

Zara Blazer (similar here) // Zara Leather Shorts (similar here) // Zoe Wittner Booties (Love this pair!) // Alexander Wang Marion Satchel

Since I am a young professional trying to break into the working world, I wanted to put on an outfit that resembled a working out but with a sexy twist. Now saying that, please don't wear this outfit the next time you go into work. I am not sure what your boss would say about coming to work shirtless, but I can only imagine not very good things. BUT, lets say you had a long day of work on a Friday and your in a pencil skirt, or slacks and a blazer. You normally don't want to go out with girlfriends in some boring work outfit. No fear! Just stick a pair of sassy leather shorts in your bag. Another option that requires less luggage is wearing a leather pencil skirt, but that's only if you can get away with wearing this to work (props if you can). After work put on your leather shorts and take off your blouse to reveal some skin under that blazer. Pair with some amazing strappy sandals or a pair of pointed booties, like the shoes I have on. You are now prepared for a night out on the town and looking HOT might I add. 

ALSO! two of the four items I added are on sale!

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  1. Oh my lord I am OBSESSED with this outfit. Every single part of it, love! Such a creative and sexy way to spice up a work outfit when you bust out of the office. AMAZING! Xoxox Ash Strommen ;)

  2. Looking awesome. Perfect color and standard choice. I have checked out all of them are really beautiful and trustworthy. The leather shorts,blazer and bag are looking amazing. I think everybody will prefer it.....