Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Joie Clothing + Finders Keepers + Windsor Smith

Photos By Adam Lambert

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Since summertime is coming to an end in Australia, I thought I might as well get in some summery outfits while I still can. These shorts and this shirt are both from The French Peg in Paddington, Brisbane. The color of this Joie top is such a beautiful blue and when I paired it with the white/grey of these highwaisted shorts, it looked amazing! The Gillie heels by Windsor Smith are some of my favorites. I usually throw these on and they just add so much more to any outfit. They look great and are so affordable! 

This week I started my masters program and I was so excited to start... until I already got homework. This semester is going to be so hard already. Wish me luck! 

Also, Make sure if you are in Australia to visit the amazing girls at The French Peg. They are so great and they have the best selection of American and Aussie designers. I could wear everything in their store. 

You can also shop their online store at:


  1. Love these shorts (and shoes, my god) and I equally love these photo's. Whatever photographer your collaborating with does such an amazing job showing off the individual color variations of each piece as well as the vibe that you get from the ensemble. Xoxox Ash Strommen

    1. Your such a sweetheart Ash! miss you xx