Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three of Something + Rockstud Valentino

Photos by Adam Lambert 

This outfit is really relaxed and perfect for a Sunday brunch or a casual day out with your boyfriend and/or girlfriends! I loved the scenery of this street. It had the most amazing Queenslanders (the style of houses in Brisbane) and the minute Adam and I drove by it, I knew that it would be a perfect setting for this outfit. 

This amazing top by Three of Something has the most beautiful hem on the bottom of the shirt. I love a good ruffle and this top has it! Its flirty and girly. I just wanted to spin around in circles and swish it back and forth the whole time I was wearing it. You can buy this top at the wonderful, The French Peg in Paddington, Brisbane 

or visit their site here: The French Peg 

I have been hard out at school recently so I am sorry for the lack of posts but this week I am getting myself together and there will be much more outfits to see I promise! 

I am wearing a exciting designer in a post in the VERY near future! Keep your eyes out for it people! Its will be AMAZING. 

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  1. This top + jeans is perfection! What a great outfit you look gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely outfit and heels :)

    maybe following? :)