Katie Eve

I am a 22-year-old blogger from San Francisco but currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I divide my time between my PR job, traveling, and snapping outfits. Style has always been like a second language to me. Because of my love for fashion, I started this blog to provide a look inside my own style as well as share my favorite tips, trends, and techniques. From Lookbooks to runway shows, Katie Eve will be sure to provide current designers, stores, and brands. This blog is a story of my own personal style’s progression. I hope to inspire with my daily posts.

All enquiries contact Katie Eve at Katieeve@katie-eve.com.


The +Man section of Katie-eve was created to give insight into the world of fashion for men. From high-end watches to runway trends, this portion of the blog will appeal to men of all ages. Providing them with not only the opinion of a man but also an opinion that they seek out most, a woman’s. Spear-heading the +MAN section of Katie-eve is 26-year-old, Adam Lambert. Adam was born and raised In Brisbane, Australia. Besides running his own development business, his love for design and graphics has made his style one to follow behind.  

All enquiries contact +MAN and MAN@katie-eve.com

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  1. Hey there ‘thecreativeissue’,

    Gorgeous blog.

    I wanted invite your writers to our new store which is full of fashion at bargain prices. This week we had Lacoste, Charlie Brown, Cue, and YSL on display. Our customers are often excited to buy these items for less than 10% of full retail price. And we’re hoping your readers would also like to know about our place. It’s the very first YMCA Op Shop which opened in Brisbane (Mt Gravatt) a few months ago. We would love to host you in the store and facilitate a blog post for your site. The shop often has super-stylish fashion, unique bags, vintage pieces, crazy shoes, and cute accessories…items which could create an attention-getting blog post.

    If you’d like to discuss a visit let me know…we’re a fun little charity shop your readers might enjoy exploring.


    YMCA Op Shop
    50 Freda St, Mt Gravatt